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Aluminum Bar Rods

The ultimate goal of the melting and casting process is to produce compliant aluminum rods and to produce compliant aluminum rods.
Aluminum rods must go through smelting → casting → sawing rods → aluminum rods homogenization → cooling and washing rods → aluminum rods storage.
Extrusion process: preparation before pressing→extrusion→stretching and straightening→sawing finished product→frame trimming


Product Details

Product parameters:

Production size: Diameter: 5-590mm; Length: 500mm-12m or as required
Standard: GB/T3190-2008; GB/T3191-2010, ASTM B221M-05A, JIS H4040-2006, etc.
Packing: Export standard wooden pallet (as required)
Bundled with plastic bags and kraft paper, then fastened to a pallet

Features of aluminum rods:

1. The appearance of cold-rolled products is glossy and beautiful
2. Excellent high temperature strength
3. Good work hardening (after weak magnetic processing)
4. Non-magnetic state solution

Application effect description:

We use high-quality aluminum rods to avoid malfunctions caused by impurities. We do timing treatments to guarantee standard hardness. We use high quality outdoor powder for coating to ensure a long service life. After extrusion, we check key specifications to ensure the product is a perfect fit with the fitting. After the surface treatment, in addition to the basic surface inspection, the color difference, film thickness, adhesion, etc. should be checked according to the standard.


Aluminum rods can be used in aviation, aircraft manufacturing, rivets, molds,
Tugboats, propeller parts, metal building materials,
Forging materials, welding materials, missile parts, screw elements
or various other structures.

Aluminum rods contain different metal elements. Aluminum rods can be roughly divided into 8 categories.
1. 1000 series aluminum rods represent 1050, 1060, 1100 1070 1200 series.
The 2000 series aluminum rods represent 2A16 (LY16) and 2A02 (LY6). 2024 aluminum rod heat treatment (T3, T4, T351)
3000 series aluminum rods represent 3003, 3A21
4000 series aluminum rods are represented by 4A01
4000 series aluminum rods belong to the series with higher silicon content
5000 series aluminum rods represent 5052, 5005, 5083, 5A05 series
6000 series aluminum rods represent 6061 and 6063, mainly containing magnesium and silicon elements 7000 series aluminum rods represent 7005, 7075, 7003, 7475, etc.aluminum Bar Rods 1 aluminum Bar Rods 5


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