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Coated Aluminum Sheet Plate

Aluminum and its alloys are considered one of the most practical metals due to its low cost, light weight and modern appearance. It is non-sparking, electrically and thermally conductive, non-magnetic, reflective and chemically resistant. “Often” popular in the construction, marine and aircraft industries for its ease of manufacture, non-toxicity, strength (pound to pound), and resistance to the corrosive atmospheres of industrial and marine environments. Anodizing improves this corrosion resistance and also allows for iridescent finishes in different colors. Some alloys are slightly corrosive, so are coated with a thin layer of aluminum for added protection.


Product Details

Common Specifications:

Shape: Aluminum coils or sheets
Process: Single or double coating, single or double sides coated, etc
Common Width: 30 – 1500mm
Common Thickness: 0.1mm – 5.0mm
Coating Material: PE, PVDF
PE Thickness: Over 18 micron
PVDF Thickness: Over 25 micron
Guarantee time: PE 10-15 years, PVDF 20-25 years
Colors: all colors, Normally refer to RAL Color book or based on customer’s sample
Coil ID: 405MM, 505MM, 605MM
Unit Weight: Normally 500kg to 3000kg, customized
Technology: Hot rolling, cold rolling
Standard: GB/T3190-2008, GB/T3880-2012,ASTM B209, JIS H4000-2006,etc
Delivery: 15-20 days of 5-10 tons for reference
Samples: Free
Main features: Long color life, bright colors, rustless
Surface: color coated. We can provide blue/black and white/transparent PVC film to protect the surface.
ACP, PC case, Ceiling, Rain gutter, Shutter door, Trucks, License plate


1. The product is environmentally friendly and rust-free.
2. Excellent fire resistance, super weather resistance, excellent impact strength.
3. High definition, bright color, super texture and feel, good gloss and smoothness.
4. Light weight, easy to process; waterproof and easy to clean.
5. The color of the coating is uniform and rich.
6. Extremely durable scratch-resistant surface.
Color coated aluminum coil is the aluminum coil surface coating color with PE/PVDF.
PE Coating: excellent flexibility and machinability (T-bend); it is widely used in aluminum coil system.

Technical Data of PE
Test Item Test Result Coating Film Thickness 16μm (average 17μm)
Gloss Tolerance 1.5 Abrasion Resistance 1000 times No change
Pencil Hardness 3H Acid Resistance No change
Coating Flexibility 1T Solvent Resistance No change
Impact Resistance 50kg·cm Boiling-Water Resistance No change

PVDF Coating: excellent anti-corrosion, long weather resistance and strong adhesion; soft paint film, it is widely used in the area of super weather resistance.

Technical Data of PVDF
Test Item Test Result Color Retention E=0.35
Coating Thickness 26μm Chalk Resistance No change
Gloss Tolerance 38% Gloss Retention 84.50%
Pencil Hardness 2H Surface Bruning Behavior Class:A
Coating Flexibility 2T Salt-spary Resistance 3000hrs no blister
Adhesive Force 4B Humidity Resistance 3000hrs no blister
Abrasion Resistance 55L/mil Solvent Resistance No change
Impact Resistance >=100kg-cm Acid Resistance No change
Boiling-water Resistance No change Alkali Resistance No change


1. For constructional exterior curtain walls, ACP of aluminum composite panel, Decorative Renovation Buildings, Building Facades, Siding, Window, , Exterior and Interior Cladding Wall Panel, Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling, Roller Shutter Doors, Roofing Material and so on.
2. Eaves Trough, Rain Gutters and Downspouts, Soffits and so on.
3. Decorative renovation for storey-added old buildings, Wallboard and ceilings for tunnels.
4. Channel Letters, Advertisement board, display platforms, LED Signs, UV printing, Advertising Boards, Billboards, Signboards, Wallboards and so on.
5. Raw materials in industrial purpose.
6. Material for Vehicle Bodies, Yacht Bodies, Boat Bodies, Bus Body, and so on.
7. Fan blade sheets, louver window shades blinds.

Quality control system

Chemical analysis laboratory, oil analysis laboratory, spectral analysis laboratory, tensile laboratory, micro analysis laboratory.
Strict control of production materials, and strictly monitor the production process, meet customers’ demands exactly.

Packaging Details

For formal goods, they are packed with standard seaworthy exporting carton or pallets.
Waterproof plastic and strong wrapping paper cover
Metal belts baling and wooden pallets on the bottom.
Or as per customer’s requirements.

Port: Qingdao or Shanghai or as you requested


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