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Equipment Introduction


Mold Workshop
Die and tooling are the most critical process for aluminum extrusion profile. Our die branch makes dies with state of computerized equipments, which ensures the die to be running properly fit to each individual extrusion press. We always work closely with our client to particular operational needs so completely that there is no big error in the process of making.

Extruding Line
Aluminum alloy surface is checked by qualityman to make sure it is clean without any deformities. Dies must be tested and corrected to high precision. The alloys are extruded to aluminum profiles of various shapes which depending on the dies used.

Anodizing Line
Anodizing is a process to produce aluminum oxide coating on the profile’s surface, so as to protect it form natural oxidizing, thus enhance its hardness and durability against different weather conditions.

Powder Coating Line
Powder coating is a process to coat the aluminum profiles with a synthetic powder of a wide range of colors. Aluminum profile surface is degreased to remove oils and greases firstly. Any present oxide layer is etched by dipping the profiles in an acid activation tank. Profiles are then rinsed with deionized water to remove any remaining chemicals. Now the profiles are ready to undergo the chemical conversion coating.

Processing Machine
We have all been equipped with several dozens of world’s most advanced production & processing facilities which are mainly imported from Germany,, Japan, Taiwan, etc. The ratio of new equipment is increasing year by year. The advanced production equipment are capable of handling most of request for complex and high precision processing of various types of aluminum extrusion profiles.

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